Crave Cantina - Paul Basel Photography

Crave Cantina

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

If you haven't been to the main restaurant for Crave Cantina, simply named Crave, you are missing out! Chef and owner Aaron Hervey has creatively taken everyday favorites and turned them into fine dining masterpieces. This was a super quick photo shoot but produced the results they needed for some quick marketing images. We did some of my levitation photography to make for some images that are bit different that the classic, "I'm smiling, I'm holding food, come to my place" imagery. 

When I arrived the place WAS A MESS! but not because they were bad housekeepers, but they were frantically getting all the tables, chairs, booze, plumbing, electricity, decor.....well you get the idea, in place for the soft opening coming up in the next weekend. So space was a bit tight but we made it happen.

So make a point to check out the Crave Cantina, and Crave for your next hungry experience. /

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