Bako Wedding 2017 - Paul Basel Photography

Bako Wedding

Cleveland, Ohio 2017

What a fun wedding! I had the opportunity to enjoy the day with Jacob and Trisha in Cleveland Ohio a few weekends ago and what a beautiful day it was! We started the afternoon going right into the ceremony at Linkin Park in the Tremont area of Cleveland, Ohio. The park is a perfect setting for a wedding with a large grass field, old oak and maple trees with a beautiful gazebo centered in the middle of the park, where the ceremony took place. Guests started arriving along with the groomsmen waiting for the moment of the first look of Jacob's gorgeous bride as she followed a long sidewalk accompanied by her father to the gazebo. The ceremony was short and sweet, I particularly liked how a large gathering of friends and family huddled around the gazebo as the two exchanged vows and with the help of Desi, (their son) the rings also. (super cute moment when he rested his hands on his parents as they said I do!)

Once the ceremony ended we made our way to one of Cleveland's iconic script signs around the corner for photos then off to the Cleveland Zoo where we continued with more photos and the reception. The reception was held in the rain forest which was an awesome setting for a wedding! Lush greenery, animals roaming about, and the occasional "thunderstorm" set the mood as we ate our dinner and enjoyed libations.

The evening finished up with a night of dancing and laughter, and one of the best tasting cakes I have ever had at a wedding (seriously need to know where you got it!) 

Best of luck to the Bako family and friends, I had a great night and I hope you did too!

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