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Q. How early should I book my wedding?

The quick answer is early as possible, since most weddings are taking place in the warm months that leaves a limited amount of available dates. Some clients book up to a year in advance. 

Q. Can I make copies of my finished photos?

You bet! Once files are delivered you are able to use them as you see fit. But for ease I always provide a private link with ordering capabilities which I encourage you to use due to the quality of the printers.

Q. Your only one guy, what if something happens on our wedding day and your unavailable?

Oh man I hope this would never happen, but thankfully I'm part of a very good network of fellow photographers that are all capable of doing a stellar job. I will make sure that someone is there to record your day even if its at my own expense.

Q. Your cheap for a photographer!

If you want to pay me more go for it! No honestly I work out of my home so my overhead is very affordable, I don't have to cover the cost for a studio, office, or costly retail space. So the benefit goes to you. Not every expensive photographer is amazing.

Q. Do you travel?

You bet I do, I am mostly in the Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Youngstown, NE Ohio area but I do travel anywhere. Its best to contact me to go over pricing for something of that situation.

Q. How can I see your work?

My website (paulbasel.com) or my instagram (paulbaselphotography) are the best places to look. I keep them the most updated.

Q. I want to meet and discuss my project where do we meet?

Anywhere really, some jobs are booked over the phone and others we may meet for lunch or evening restaurant or pub scenario. Whatever your most comfortable with.

Q. So when can I join you on an Urban Exploration?

Sorry everyone, I have a very small group of people that attend those with me.

Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Youngstown, NE Ohio
Call, Text, Email, Send a Carrier Pigeon.
330.608.4303 - paul@paulbasel.com

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