Szarka Wedding 2017 - Paul Basel Photography

Szarka Wedding 2017

Newbury, Ohio 2017

What a fun way to spend the day but with friends, family, and at a winery! I had the pleasure of joining Stephanie and Robert, or better known as "Boo" at Sharon James Winery in Newbury, Ohio on September 9th. Sharon James Winery did an absolute tremendous job in decorating the grounds for the ceremony with beautiful views of a grapevines, a pond, and a lush green field as the picturesque background to a wonderfully dressy casual and very family oriented ceremony.

I started my day with Stephanie, along side her bridesmaids, mother and a few other family members as I caught my favorite moments of any wedding, the getting ready shots! I love feeling the anticipation building up as the make-up is applied, dresses are zipped, shoes are set in place and jewelry is hung leading up to the moment of "I do". A country girl at heart, Stephanie made sure she didn't leave her cowgirl boots behind, which made for a nice little touch to the absolutely beautiful dress she wore.

The men showed up a few minutes prior to the ceremony and this was my first chance to see them dressed up, and I loved the outfits they were wearing because it fit Boo's personality to a "T." A nice dressy vest, blue jeans, and my favorite boots! However these weren't brand new Timberlands recently purchased for the event, no they were their everyday, grease stained, marked up, work boots!  Nicely done gentlemen!

The ceremony was short and sweet, with Sharon James Winery owner herself, "Sharon" officiating the wedding for Stephanie and Boo. Friends and family seated on either side waiting for the moment they would be joined in matrimony as their lives together officially began! 

Knowing these two personally I know they will have a great life together and I wish them the best in everything they do. For this country girl, she has officially got her working man!

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