Faith's Sweet 16 - Paul Basel Photography

Faith's Sweet 16

Akron, Ohio 2017

What a fun night! I had the opportunity to photo Faith's Sweet 16 party and what a joy! Faith along with her friends were such a great group of fun, smart, and energetic kids that enjoyed a night of fun photos and dancing! We started the evening with a mini photo shoot with Faith and some of her gal pals and getting a chance to show off their true fun personalities, and I must say I learned that with the younger crowd my corny jokes were spot on that night! Of course reality will set in when I go back to my own age crowd...yeah I'm no longer the cool guy, I'm just the old dude. After the mini shoot the kids went to get some food so I took advantage of all the great candid shots I was able to get of family and friends along with catching up with an old high school alumni. We ended the evening with some family shots and the kids dancing to the some great music and a very sweet and tearful mother daughter dance!

Enjoy your 16th birthday Faith, I'm sure you will remember this one forever!


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