Dave & Debbie 40th Anniversary - Paul Basel Photography

Dave & Debbie 40th Anniversary

Canton Ohio 2017

What a great evening this was for me! I'm generally recording the start of a loving couples relationship, Dave & Debbie however are 40 years ahead of my usual clientele! Seeing these two react with each other you could tell they were in it for the long haul from the beginning. Debbie is such a sweet lady and enjoyed getting photos with every part of her family and friends which made it easy on my part...everyone smiled so much!!! Dave is a true man of class, watching family and friends react with him you could tell he is great guy right to his core! 

This was a session for me that truly hit me to the heart, Its not everyday I edit a session and smile the entire time. If my marriage in 40 years is even a 1/4 of what these two bring to the table I know I'm good for another 40. Thanks again Dave, Debbie and family!


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