Courtney & Rob Wedding 2017 - Paul Basel Photography

Courtney & Rob Wedding

Medina, Ohio 2017

I had the pleasure of joining Courtney & Rob on there wedding celebrations this year and I must say it was fantastic! I actually met them for the first time in person the day that I showed up. They had already had pre-arranged vows made a couple weeks prior out of town but I got to enjoy the fun stuff! The party took place at Rob's childhood home in Medina, Ohio and what a fantastic location! backyard receptions are my favorite. I couldn't of asked for a more friendly group of people to spend the day with. Courtney is such a kind person and was so eager to help and go with the flow of whatever we were doing, and Rob was fantastic at keeping the laughter flowing throughout the entire night!

I wish Courtney and Rob the best, thank you!


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